The AI Search Engine you control.
  • 40M+ Queries per Month
  • 4M+ Developer Queries per Month
  • Avg. 5 min Per Visit

About, founded by top AI research scientists, is a revolutionary AI chatbot and search engine. uses a Large Language Model (LLM) to deliver personalized responses to queries with human-like replies. Its AI tools YouChat, YouCode, YouWrite, and YouImagine, provide efficient web search, content and image creation, and code generation. With advanced machine learning, streamlines answers to complex questions, aids in tasks, and supports research with citations and up-to-date information, enhancing productivity and saving time.
  • Audience

    A mix of early tech adopters, engineers, scientists, developers and marketers.

  • Demographics

    65% male, 35% female, average age of 18-44.

  • Location

    11% based in the US. Other top 5 Geos include Brazil, UK, and Germany.

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