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Through its app and newsletter, Pocket helps people capture, discover, and spend time with content that matters to them. Pocket is used by millions of young professionals who are highly educated and likely to work in business, tech, and finance.

Marketers can reach this influential and tech-savvy audience with Pocket’s native and email campaigns. Pocket placements are geared towards helping marketers increase engagement and expand the lifecycle of original content.


Reach millions of young, affluent, influential, and engaged professionals.


Pocket advertising lets you reach a younger demographic that’s immersed in technology.


Most of Pocket’s visitors and subscribers are located in the United States.

Past Sponsors

Salesforce, Atlassian, and Casper reach tech audiences with Pocket campaigns.

Available Channels


Native placements in the Pocket app and Firefox new tab page let you reach users at scale in uncluttered environments. In-app placements connect you with Pocket users when they’re focused on reading and discovery, and Firefox new tab puts your content in front of a targeted audience alongside exceptional stories picked by editors.


Pocket Hits is delivered to more than 6 million inboxes each week, giving you direct access to an influential audience that’s looking for high-quality content. Place a sponsored item in the newsletter, or exclusively own Pocket’s email list with a dedicated campaign featuring a suite of compelling content.


Tech Consumer

There’s a reason these folks are called earlier adopters. They’re trendsetters who can make or break new products.

Consider your customer journey tracking

Early adopters are curious, but they aren’t necessarily going to rush to sign up for your services and products. Educate them.

Consider unique offerings

Deals and other incentives are unlikely to drive much demand up front. Focus on building awareness.

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