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Smashing Magazine delivers reliable, useful, but most importantly practical articles to millions of product and UI designers, web and app developers, product managers, and CTOs. Smashing Magazine is committed to nourishing productivity, improving design and development skills and finessing the work-life balance.


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Users are mainly interested in web design, dev and technology.

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Northwestern University, Indeed, Percy.


Smashing Magazine users are mainly located in the US, UK, Canada and Germany.

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Reach Smashing Magazine users with display ads placed on the left panel of each article.

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Sponsored articles are authored in an underwritten content format where Smashing Magazine writes an article that teaches readers a process your product is intended for. This serves as a tutorial rather than being a direct advertisement.


Newsletters are sent every other week, highlighting premier content from Smashing Magazine's editorial team. Sponsors receive a dedicated placement featuring a static image, ad copy and trackable links.



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