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Glow is dedicated to empowering women everywhere. A trusted online community to share information and experiences around women’s health.


1.27M MAUs.


23% of users 15-25, 55% of users 26-35.


Subscribers are primarily located in major US cities.

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Pottery Barn, BMW, Target, and Pfizer.

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Display in-line on the mobile app alongside active conversations and tracking.


Break free from the banner with a headline, image, and call to action.



This audience is always looking for new solutions to their technical problems. If you can convert them, they'll undoubtedly tell their friends and coworkers about your product. The thing is, knowing where they came from isn't always straightforward.

Consider your customer journey tracking

This audience is curious, but they aren’t necessarily going to rush to sign up for your services and products. Educate them. Then evaluate their conversion paths.

Consider unique offerings

Deals and other incentives are unlikely to drive much demand up front. Focus on building awareness.

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