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Cutting through all the clutter of the internet, Digg delivers the most interesting and talked about stories. Digg shares everything you’ll read about later, now— making it popular among tech-savvy adopters and young, affluent audiences.


Digg reaches millions of tech-savvy early adopters each month..


Digg advertising lets you reach a younger demographic immersed in tech.


Digg’s audience skews male.


Most of Digg’s visitors and subscribers are located in the United States.

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Display advertising that's front and center of the homepage. This display ad placement is the first thing a user sees when visiting the website.

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Sponsored content campaigns featured alongside all of the buzz-worthy internet news of the day.


Connect with over 300K people directly in their inbox. Digg dedicated emails feature only your brand, and newsletters are sent to our followers twice a day.



Reaching decision-making developers online can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Consider reaching them on their terms

Serve developers advertisements that respect their privacy and attention, but do it on publications they read daily.

Consider using contextual ads to kick off the customer journey

Use attribution tools to effectively leverage top-of-funnel campaigns and maximize funnel conversions down stream. 

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