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An online space where web designers and developers find creative inspiration. Codrops shares useful tutorials, insightful articles, and free resources to the design and development communities.


Hundreds of thousands of web developers and designers visit Codrops each month.

Company Type

Codrops supports display and native placements.


Most Codrops users visit from the United States.

Past Sponsors

HelloSign, Hired, and FullStory reaches tech audiences on Codrops.

Available Channels


Put your brand next to free articles and tutorials read by web developers and designers. Codrops offers several display placements that appear in its sidebar and articles.


Reach web designers and developers without disrupting user experience. Codrops demo campaigns include an integrated native ad in an upcoming demo, while Collective sponsorships put your brand alongside the latest news and resources from the web design and development community.



Reaching decision-making developers online can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Consider reaching them on their terms

Serve developers advertisements that respect their privacy and attention, but do it on publications they read daily.

Consider using contextual ads to kick off the customer journey

Use attribution tools to effectively leverage top-of-funnel campaigns and maximize funnel conversions down stream. 

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