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12M+ Global Monthly Active Users
500k Verified Publishers
2.2M Funded Wallets


A web browser that’s on a mission to fix the web with unparalleled speed, security, and privacy. Our exclusive partnership with Brave offers first-hand access to 6+ million influential early adopters.


Brave users are interested in cryptocurrency, technology, finance, gaming, sports, privacy, pets, cooking, and the auto industry.


Brave users are 70% male, 30% female and based primarily in North America and Europe.


Reach over six million users with an average household income of $100,000+ per year.


Advertising with Brave lets you reach a tech-savvy audience primarily between 18 and 35 years old.

Available Channels


Native placements let you reach consumers directly with unobtrusive ads at scale. Your ads are shared directly with consumers and appear as a contextual alert on the user’s desktop app.


Crypto Audience

Folks are going to be skeptical about what you’re offering them in your placements.

Consider your value proposition and offerings

Building trust upfront means being consistent in your messaging. Be crystal clear about your value proposition and what you offer.

Think about customer journeys

It takes an average or 8 brand exposures before someone converts to a customer. Expect journeys to vary from customer to customer.

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